Health and Nutritional Facts about Vegan Food Christchurch

Shree Jagannath Cafe & Restaurant keeps vegan food Christchurch on its menu. Staffs are courteous and explain the benefits and nutritious values of vegetarian foods before or after every meal. Multi-cuisine food Christchurch served at our restaurant is similar to home-cooked food. Mild spices added to the dish enhance its flavour and also nutritious value. The cosy ambience of the restaurants makes it more comfortable for you to enjoy the meal.

For preparing healthy food at the restaurant, we keep our kitchen hygienic by cleaning it regularly. We recommend you keep the diet low on saturated fat. It is better to eat lots of fruits, vegetables and grains. A balanced diet should be a mix of whole grains, vegetables, fruits, seeds, and nuts. Our vegan food Christchurch helps you maintain a balanced diet. Contrary to popular belief, vegetarian food offers a lot of protein, vitamins, iron and zinc. Pulses, soy and nuts provide protein; dairy products provide calcium, whereas beans and leafy green provide iron. Vitamin C in food such as citrus fruits, tomato and peppers help to absorb the iron better.

Coming to our restaurant, you can get the best Multi-cuisine food Christchurch is filled with vegetables. We keep whole grain, pulses and tofus on our everyday menu.

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